The Soviets, They're a team that rely on building HUGE structures, and HUGE tanks to crush your enemies.

As a team they're in-between the other two factions in terms of building. They build their structures by having them slowly rise up from the ground, like a mole with arthritis. But this can come in handy, even though it's constantly vulnerable to attack whilst being constructed. At least unlike the other two factions you can see where the building is going. So making a neat and tidy base with the Soviets is easy.

The soviets are best known for their vehicles. with weaponry such as the Hammer Tank, in numbers it can be a very deadly foe, and it can be made even deadlier, every unit in Red Alert 3 has a unique secondary ability. The Hammer Tank's ability is that if it kills a unit with it's secondary weapon, the Hammer tank then gets that weapon. Making it so hammer tanks can be used for, long and short range combat, ground and air combat, anti-infantry and anti-vehicle. And it doesn't even have to be an enemy unit, you can kill your own units, making it so that right from the start of the battle, your hammer tanks will have an advantage.

The campaign starts out by hearing news that Soviet territory is under attack from enemy forces. It then becomes your job to remove enemy forces in all areas of Soviet territory, before striking back with the iron fist of might.

In short the Soviets are good for support and can hold their own in any fire fight. Only problem is that they're slow. and can be out ran by a majority of the opposing factions units. but when you've got several Kirovs (big bomb balloon) over an enemy base, you become a dominant warlord, and making faces like Mr. Burns...