Secret Armoury

The Secret Armoury of General Knoxx is another add-on for Borderlands. Secret Armoury starts off with a military propaganda video, which is then stopped half way through by a rebel soldier named Athena, who is a key character in the rest of the Secret Armoury plot.

The main motive for playing Secret Armoury is that The Crimson Lance are putting together a large stockpile of weaponry for their expedition on Pandora. You must help Athena by doing the missions she sets you. Normally this would be the boring repeat of previous Borderlands gameplay, but it does attempt to give it a few new twists, whilst using similar previous gags. For instance the same classic Borderlands humour is always there making you laugh, even when skull popping. But new aspects of The Secret Armoury add-on are the new vehicles, which are fun to use because of extra speed and armour, but they can only be used in The Secret Armoury add-on, which i thought was a dick move on gearbox's part. The new vehicles are mainly used for the Lance Highway, which is basically a motorway, which does serve a purpose or two, but i only saw it as a way to make the game world feel larger than it actually is.

But, The Secret Armoury of General Knoxx is a fun game add-on, with new guns, vehicles, increased level cap, and returning characters, it's a good buy for any Borderlands fan.