Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3 is an RTS, for those of you who don't know what an RTS is it stands for real time strategy. so instead being one man killing lots and lots of people., you're now one man controlling up to fifty units, which are locked in battle with another fifty units, it's great. this is the appeal of RTS games such as this, build up and then massacre. And it is satisfying when you've outwitted a friend on the field of battle.

There are three main factions in Red Alert 3, each with their own separate campaign

The Allies

The Allies, it's basically a team where Britain and the U.S.A have decided to become BFFs, because every unit either has an American or British accent.

As a team, the allies are slow to build up to full strength because, A. they need clearance to access certain abilities and units. And clearance can only be given to certain buildings in certain areas, B. Their buildings take forever to finish construction, but this is a compromise feature, as the Allies' buildings don't build out in the open, instead, they pop up out of the ground like an excited gopher. This means your buildings aren't going to be destroyed during the middle of construction.

The type of unit the Allies are most memorable for is aircraft, even though they only have four aircraft in total, that's what the other two teams get put together! The Allies have the slightly overpowered century bomber, which is essentially just a carpet bomber. Now this sounds boring, but if the enemy build structures close together (which they often do) then this mighty aircraft can hit up to  three large structures at once. And seeing as you can have four per airfield and upgrade their bomb capacity, they become a deadly sight.

Their campaign involves you as an Allied commander (Note: that's something they all have in common). The first few missions make you liberate mainland Europe from Soviet command after defending Brighton beach. Afterwards, you must defeat The Rising Sun, and then go to Leningrad to finish off the Soviets, and trust me, on hard, that final mission is about as hard to do, as it is to thread fabric through a needle whilst in an earthquake wearing springs on the soles of your shoes...