Quantum Conundrum


Quantum Conundrum is a puzzle game on the XBLA. You play as a child of some random age who has been sent to his uncle’s house. Your uncle (Professor Quadrangle) is a scientist, who creates odd inventions, such as jetpacks, and odd gloves…

The story so far is that you arrive at his mansion, and Professor Quadrangle speaks to you over a speaker system; he explains that he is trapped, and he doesn’t know where he is. It then becomes your task to save your uncle. You do this by obtaining one of your uncle’s inventions, a reality/dimensional changing glove. You can change between different dimensions, such as the fluffy dimension, where everything becomes so cute, it’s sickening, but objects such as metal safes become lighter, and easier to carry; and the heavy dimension, where everything becomes dark and metal, and objects such as cardboard boxes turn into metal.

The further into the game, the more dimensions you will unlock, which will require more skill in using them to complete the game and the puzzles within.

In conclusion, Quantum Conundrum is a clever puzzle game, with a decent story, and has brilliant humour.

However, according to my sources, the PC version has very little in the way of settings, so be warned.