Minecraft, if you've ever been talking to some gamers in your life, you've probably heard of Minecraft.

Minecraft is an independent game by Mojang, and it's took off like a storm. But when i first played Minecraft, it was for the PC. And the only type of PC gaming i like ( and can do properly) is RTS games. On the PC, Minecraft didn't tell you what to do, what made anything, and that if you stayed out past bedtime you'll be attacked by zombies.

But (It is a big but, i like big buts, and i cannot lie). This is the Xbox version of Minecraft, and even though it's not as up to date as the PC version, that's still a good thing. Seeing as it's not fully up to date means that players who've never played Minecraft can get to learn basics. And in the console version, the game can tell you helpful tips, like what you need to make certain items, which is very useful, seeing as for the first five minutes of gameplay i became a kleptomaniac. Minecraft also no longer makes you guess the combination of placement to make certain items anymore. the game just simply tells you "If you want to make an accelerator rail then go and get gold... I don't care if gold's insanely hard to find, you're finding it!"

The main appeal of Minecraft is to build anything you want, but you need the materials. The materials are in the world around you, if you want a mansion made of wood, you better get chopping and planting trees. If you want a house made of stone, then get some pickaxes and go down into the earth. Mining in Minecraft is how you get things like iron for better tools and rails, coal for light, redstone for electricity, and diamonds for the best tools.

I don't really have that many things to complain about Minecraft, it's a game that makes you work that little bit harder, yet the satisfaction is immense. Maybe one thing to complain about is cheap deaths, when mining to the bottom of the earth, you'll eventually find lava, and if your character decides he wants to fall into that lava, then you're royally screwed over, and you become as happy as a depressed clown who pours kittens onto peoples deliriously smiling faces.