Hearthfire is a cheap DLC for the game Skyrim. Hearthfire gives you the ability to build and customise your own house on your own plot of land. You could set up a personal base, plot stratergy, do whatever you want! it's your house... Well, kinda. The choices of what you can customise with, and where you can build your house is limited. Which is to be expected, they can't put every household item into the DLC, it would simply take up too much time.

But better to have a house than no house. Other options include adoption. I personally wouldn't want a child, real life or in-game. Every task would get distracting with a little sod basket squalling in the corner whilst i'm trying to work. So in the event of a dragon looking at your house with plans in mind for a new dragon casino and starts demolition work by himself, you better tuck junior into bed before equipping your sword of dragon murder.

In conclusion, Hearthfire is 400MSP (or equivilant). If you're a Skyrim fan, i say buy it. There are bigger wastes of money after all, like a Blackberry phone!