Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is a fantastic first person shooter by Valve. Before i start the review, it is worth mentioning that Half-Life 2 has won the "Game of the Decade" award. If that isn't massive encouragement, i don't know what is!

In Half-Life 2 you play as Gordon Freeman, a mute scientist who once worked for a research facility named Black Mesa. The current situation of Mr.Freeman is that he has awoken from stasis, which he was put into, from the end of the first game in the Half-life series. Freeman's new surrounding area (at the start of the game) is a city (City 17) which is being controlled by an alien group called "The Combine".

Half-Life 2 takes elements from older shooters and blends them seamlessly with current generation technology. Examples of this being that health kits and more than two weapon slots are available to use. In my glorious opinion, this always makes games a better experience. Health kits always raise the tension and add challenge, especially when you're on your last scrap of health. 

As i was playing this masterpiece on the console with a controller, i found the controls to work very well, which is good, because I'm completely incompetent at using the keyboard to play games with. The console port of Half-Life 2 works surprisingly well, every button press feels in place and responds well.

However. Half-Life 2 may be fantastic, but it does have it's flaws from time to time. Most glaring of these faults being the driving sections. The vehicles don't control as well as they could, and at certain points you have to stay in these vehicles for long periods of time.

Half-Life 2 is still a fantastic game, even with all the flaws. This fantastic experience should be played by everybody.