Far Cry 3


In Far Cry 3 you play as Jason Brody, a rich, white adult male, who vacation turns savage when you are confronted by the local pirates. The beginning tutorial and introduction to the gameplay starts off in the pirate compound where you’re being held, where you find out you’re being held for ransom by the leader of the pirates called Vaas. After the grand escape, it becomes your task to find your other white, rich friends and escape the island.

The gameplay for Far Cry works well; you get a camera, which helps you identify enemies and animals, the combat works well, as well as the stealth. However, there are some flaws. An example of this would be the need to hunt animals to upgrade the sizes of your ammunition pouches and loot rucksack. In theory this works well, but the game makes you hunt different animals for different upgrades; and to be quite honest, I think two bear skins will work better than five dog skins.

The story can also go a bit… odd. As when Jason first kills a man he acts shocked, and fragile, but after that he can gun them down by the hundreds without showing any signs of sympathy or remorse. Also towards the ending, the game throws so many explosions and over the top events at you, you feel like it’s trying to communicate via the pitch of the explosions!


But, overall, Far Cry 3 is a good game, the story lasts for a good amount of time, there are plenty of side missions to do. But don’t come crying to me when you complete it!