Character Packs: 2

The Pink Knight: The Pink Knight pack only includes one character. The Pink Knight, and I'm very glad it's free. The Pink Knight wears pink armour, covered in kisses, and has a constant facial expression of delirious happiness. His/Her magic consists of rainbows which glide along the floor like a slinky going down a staircase, and firing cute, chubby animals which explode upon impact at selected enemy. The Pink Knight has lots of little features. I've already mentioned this kiss marks on the armour. But when a magical spell is casted he/she always gives the peace sign. Unfortunately I couldn't play for too long, because if i did i might've spontaneously grown a uterus.


I am aware that there's a fourth pack with the blacksmith in it. But i haven't gotten around to downloading it because I'm a tight little sod basket. But when the chance occurs i shall play, and review the blacksmith pack with all my might!

In conclusion, the downloadable packs aren't a necessity. But if you want to add variation to your game, i recommend it to you.