Character Packs

Castle Crashers has a plethora of playable characters to... Well, play as. But what if you want a little more carnage? Despite being called character packs, they also contain extra weaponry and pets (See full review for details). The smart thing to do is to give each DLC its own paragraph.

The King Pack: This pack allows you to play as the King himself! And a knight with an open visor on his helmet. The new knight's magic is the same as the magic of the Grey Knight. So nothing interesting there. But the King is where our undying devotion is seated. The King's magic can heal himself and others, either as a spiral or projectile. The King also starts with his own unique weapon, 'The King's Staff' which boosts defence, but lowers speed. A new pet is added which enjoys spitting fire, and if you're lucky, this pet might actually hit the enemy and cause damage. I recommend you leave this pet to die, because pets such as the chicken are far more useful.

Necromantic Pack: This pack allows you to play as the Necromancer, who is the main villains second in command, you can also play as a minion of the main villain, but he's got the exact same magic as the skeleton, so we'll ignore him and focus on the Necromancer, who is blowing us kisses from across the room in a rather skimpy nightie. The Necromancer's magic includes summoning skeleton arms from the ground to claw at the testicles of bandits launching a suicide skeleton which runs towards the enemy and explodes on impact. New weapons include the 'Necromancer's Sword' which raises defence; and a chainsaw, which has an increased chance of a critical hit.


Review continues in "Part:2"