Borderlands is a game created by gearbox, the main plot of the game is to find a vault referred to as... The Vault (The creative team must have spent hours of time to come up with a name as brilliant as that). The game starts on a bus and gives the player a quick character rundown of each characters preferred weaponry, e.g. one character prefers assault rifles, the other will prefer sniper rifles and pistols.

After selecting your chosen character you will then be placed into his shoes and given a first person view (this is an FPS/RPG after all). To which a character will appear in the top left of the screen, she is essentially your guide for this game, it seems all RPGs must have one, but she doesn't appear very often, which makes you wonder why she's even there in the first place, any NPC could do her job.

The key selling point for Borderlands is the HEAPS of guns, now this was quite hyped up upon release, and there is quite a bit of variation. You can get machine guns which electrocute enemies, Rocket launchers that shoot three missiles at once, and it is always very nice turning another human into Pedigree chum. But the problem is besides the main machine gun, rocket launcher, the only differences which are notable are, the fire rate, magazine size, and occasionally damage and reload speed, and this becomes very notable during the final half of the game.

There are a few things i have to nit pick at Borderlands, like how the standard enemies are fairly easy yet the first and second bosses of the game will laugh at you whilst making you squirm. And it would be nice to have a mini map, the compass is a nice feature, but it doesn't help when the game says, "Go North" and all you can see is a brick wall saying "PIS OFF!" (Note: it's not my poor spelling, there are literally signs in the game which say "PIS OFF!"). 

But it's not all bad, the game is very fun, and if you do side quests it can also last you quite a while, especially on play through 2. There is humor in the game, which is always fun to listen to, whether it be very childish or surprisingly dark. There are a range of environments, granted the main theme of the game has a very desert look, but there is variation in there. And it is always nice to get in a buggy, hit turbo, and watch a bandit scream because he no longer has his torso.