Bastion is an independent game by Supergiant Games, and is the only game they have released at the time of writing. In Bastion, you play as small kid called... the kid. The story is that the kid (you) wake up and the world has suffered a calamity... called the calamity. The calamity has caused destruction throughout the world, and it also causes pieces of land to shoot up from the ground and act as a pathway, which, to be honest, doesn't sound so bad.

The art style of Bastion is great, it gives a cell shaded look, and a sense of innocence, as if you're looking from the perspective of The Kid. The levels are often varied in their environment, some areas being colourful, and other areas being dark, and dangerous. The soundtrack is what stands out the most however. With great musical scores played throughout the game; Bastion also features the song "Build That Wall" which won an award at the 2011 Spike VGAs.

The game controls smoothly, and everything seems to perform well. The controller is well suited for bastion, as there are lots of awkward scenarios, in which having an analog stick come in hand.

Overall, Bastion is pure excellence, a must buy!